Auntie Mar is a blessing from the universe.  She has been a mentor and psychic reader for me for 10 years.  Her psychic readings help me to further my spiritual process and get my life back on track.  I consistently rely on her to be a friend, a mother, a sister, and a divine channel.  She is empathic, full of love, and unafraid to show me my demons.  She has always helped me find the tools of self-empowerment to pull myself out of my ruts, and ground in my power.  I trust her on matters of love, life, path, spirit, art, purpose, career and family.  I appreciate her balance between unconditional love and brutal honesty.  I know she will be honest and tell me what I need to hear, and not necessarily what I want to hear.  She's authentic.  She's quite honestly the best. ~ Lori Caldwell

It is easy to wonder, "is this real?" when you get a reading. The world would like to tell us that visions don't come true and it's a fantasy. 

But then there is Auntie Mar. Now my empirical brain wrestles with the question "Is this really happening? What creates reality? What allows someone to tap into the future?" And yet she has been right, consistently, for years. Some things she predicted happened right away, at times within hours, and some things happened over great spans of time. I keep a journal and have done so for some time. Things she told eight years ago have manifested. Things I never thought would happen. How can that be? It blows my mind and it calls me towards my own spiritual path. What is going on? Can you believe that? Eight years.

In science, what makes something go from theory to fact is evidence. Evidence that is repeatable, documented and results that are predictable. Auntie Mar's time tested abilities have proven to be all of those and more. 
Countless times her predictions have come true. Her insight into someone's thoughts and feelings are profound. 

At the same time, she encourages growth in all of her clients. Not every reading is all roses. When confronted with a difficult answer, I would like to retreat back into my belief that it's not real. I know that simply isn't true, but I did call for the truth. Once the fog clears, and my worries or delusions have disappeared, I can make an empowered decision to move forward. Auntie Mar is there for me through my process. Her gentle and kind demeanor, her compassion and love will leave you with the sense that she really is your Aunt. She's the cool Aunt you call when you need advice. ~ Tracy Dixon

Auntie Mar helped me see my life in new ways and move out of an unhealthy relationship, an unhealthy and unethical place in my life.  She helped me find the courage to change my situation and shifted my perspective, showing me that my fear was my own creation.  Her insight was pivotal in helping me to let go of what no longer served me in my life and stepping into a positive, happy relationship with myself and others around me, which eventually led to my current happy marriage, family, and career. 
 Auntie Mar is the one to go to with your fears when you are afraid to speak them to yourself, even acknowledge them in the quietest recesses of your heart.  She knows intuitively, instinctively, whether to confront you with the intensity of the Hindu Goddess Kali to rip out your fears and bring them into the harsh light of reality for the False Evidence Appearing Real that they are, or to listen with the patience of a rock, letting you babble them out until the spring of their existence runs dry of their own accord.  She is both gentle and unyielding in her approach, but can also open up the can of you-know-what on you if you need it, as she can smell BS a mile away.  ;-)  She is an amazingly unique combination of talents and skills – psychic, healer, therapist, hypnotist, counselor, energy worker, medium.  She combines her experience with counseling and knowledge of human behavior and the mind with the vision of her psychic abilities and capacity as a medium to help you clear the confusion and have the paradigm shift you need to move to the next level in your life. She excels at helping others with transition. ~Crystal Dorsey

Auntie Mar led me through an amazing transformation as I journeyed deeper into my spirituality and connection with the divine. Her love, her honesty, her tender but firm guidance provides the safe and sacred space so critical to personal evolution. With tremendous insight, she helped me to find my core nature, my true gifts, and my ultimate path. She is true north, a guiding light, to the honest pilgrim. ~ Lady Alex