• Mara Evans, CHT

Are You Perfectly Imperfect?

Are you noticing changes around you? Things have been shifting faster and faster with every astrological event. There is DRAMA out there and it can grab you and pull you in if you let it! Let's chat about what you can do to pull in, and live in, the LIGHT, rather than fall prey to old “stinking thinking”, and another person’s drama.

Better fasten your seatbelts as it’s going to get more challenging for many folks out there if they stay attached to ego. Since we share jobs, homes, lives, we need to stay spiritually alert, choosing the “light” in each moment. This “happiness” is as contagious as the drama, so your choices affect everyone around you! If we stay on a more evolved level of interaction, we set a good example for others to find their own path into a more balanced life.

Why is everyone so grouchy?

Because we simply cannot operate as we did before, and it can be frustrating if you refuse to see the option of…. CHANGE. The universe is getting tired of subtle reminders that we need to grow; the 2x2 coming at us has turned into a 4x4 and keeps going until a HOUSE falls on us to get our attention. It frustrates those who refuse to see that the energy they “put out” is exactly what is creating the energy they attract! At least that has been my own experience. For those who are busy pointing their fingers at others instead of looking inside and renegotiating their own behavior and choices, it feels like there is a rain cloud that is JUST over their heads. Pity Party for one please.


This makes folks angry at whatever “person, place or thing” that they feel conflict with. Therefore, they believe that is what is at fault. It seems SO much easier to blame others than to look in the mirror and take responsibility for whatever is on your own side of the street. Easier to ignore your actions, and see yourself as a victim, or less than, or powerless. Our need to control “how” the world sees us overwhelms the need to be authentic, unless you are willing to “Stop, Center, Ground, and BREATHE” before you open your mouth, or make a choice of how to handle things moment by moment. Don’t’ worry though….it gets easier the more you practice! The big difference needs to be a willingness to look at our own behavior first, AND to process all of what is happening without judging it “good” or “bad”. To look at it and ask yourself, “Is that really the energy I want to put out and therefore……attract back into my life?”

Accept or Not Accept.

This phrase brings each issue down to a moment by moment decision. Notice that “change the other person” is not a part of this "tool". It is that YOU have the choice in each second what path YOU choose, how you choose to represent yourself. If someone is having a drama and you do not want to participate, then don’t. You are not required to take on drama. You can communicate without being drawn into their emotional response to a situation by staying grounded and calm, not taking anything personally, and not “reacting” out of a place of ego, or anger.

Sometimes that can feel like rejection to the person inside their own drama, so if you want to stay in the light, you do need to be gentle with extracting yourself from that moment. There is what I call a “charge” in the air, if you do not interact with that baser energy, if you stay grounded, you cannot be “zapped” by that charge.

You are free of the need to “replay” the words, or to “tell them off” in your mind. You are free of dragging this “issue” around, heavy on your shoulders. Why? Because you have already taken the highest frequency path, you have already done your best in that moment. You have no judgement, guilt, apprehension, or doubt, to process. You are free to focus on the NOW of your life. Once you have chosen the best behavior for yourself in that moment, you can let go.

You are also no longer attached to anyone else’s process around this, because you know that you chose the highest possible choice with the tools that you have, IN THAT MOMENT. You can release your attachment to the outcome because whatever choices others make, or things that happen, you can deal with it in the moment that you need to. In the meantime, you can be deliciously happy within your own mind.

We get better, and happier!

As you practice these actions, and choices in your life you will realize that the “fear” around “being totally honest” disappears. The “worry” about what others think of you is replaced with how happy YOU are with your choices. It is a breath of fresh air, light flooding into a dark space, a feeling of closeness to the universal energy. You feel the unconditional love we all crave…. not from any other, from the universal light that shines through, and to, us all if we let it. You laugh more, you sing more, you whistle more (for those of you who can). There is a feeling of having SO MUCH MORE space for everyone around you…. even the grumpy ones! The levels of tolerance and understanding grow as compassion and understanding flood in. Your self-esteem begins to come back into balance.

Just know that you are perfectly imperfect, let go of beating yourself up so that you feel the love that is ours to claim in innocence again, if we only allow ourselves to remember.

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