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Are you STUCK?

The mind is a computer, YOU are the programmer. Here are some behavior modification tips and "Brain Hacks” to bypass or erase, negative or addictive behaviors. YOU can get back into the drivers seat and create the life you want to live!

Human beings resist change. Our DNA is programmed for survival. The examples of being "afraid of the dark" and of "changing" are both products of the brain stem or primitive brain (Medulla oblangata) that handles basic fuction (breathing, walking) and also manages our survival reactions.

When learning to survive as cave dwellers we were eaten, or died, in the dark, or if we struck out on a new path or ventured to change what cave we slept in. That fear is still in our subconscious minds. However, in this ever changing modern world, it is a very necessary ingredient for creating a life on your own terms. We now must change and adapt on a daily basis to grow and survive.

You can use your spiritual beliefs as well to take back the controls of your life, and get the power source to make dramatic and sometimes instantaneous change! I have used these tools to create my own happy life, that of my loved ones, Children, and Grandchildren and thousands of clients along the way. These are some of the tools, and practices that can empower you to create a happy life for yourself again!

You must be BRAVE and look at the triggers that lead you to do those things that keep you unhappy. You must be willing to think about new concepts, or life choices, to manage your own mind. YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR CHOICES. The first thing you need to do is to be willing to change and to start to believe that you can.

A few examples of the power of the mind around change:

NLP; Neuro-linguistic Programming, is a form of using certain words and combination of words that go past the “guard” of the conscious mind directly into the subconscious mind. A study of this shows us that many of the “choices” we make, are based on learned behavior, or habits, or the environment around us.

Imagine there is a little “guard” pacing around your conscious mind and their job is to BLOCK any negative words like can’t, don’t, Shouldn’t, so that when I say to you, “Whatever you do, do NOT think about a BLUE TREE!” All that gets PAST the guard is “Whatever you do ....... think about a blue tree”, and you did, well 95% of you did anyway! This is ONE of many linguistic & body language rules that shape your ability to communicate or be understood, and…to CHANGE your behavior!

So by reviewing what you want to change and putting it in a positive sentence that you repeat on a regular basis (several times a day) you can change most negative behaviors. Examples, "I am free of the need to (fill in the blank)" or " I am feeling confident in my ability to (whatever you need to improve)" or my all time favorite, " I am full of love and light and attract good things to my life".

Alcoholics Anonymous: Created in 1934 based on a “12 step” program, not because those were handed down on a tablet to Moses, not because somebody thought they sounded “really groovy”, but because they had proven that they worked!

These same steps had taken people that were “brainwashed” by addiction (some already institutionalized!) on a step by step process of behavior modification to recovery. They created a program based on what had worked in chronic sufferers of Alcoholism, to CHANGE HABITS, where other programs failed.

Today it is an international program in, or close by, every city in the U.S. as well as other countries and used by millions of people to change their lives for the better. There are many different programs for different addictions under this 12 step philosophy, and even if you just study the basics out of the "Big Book of AA" I'm sure you will see how you can start to apply some of that process to your own issues.

Gratitude: Here is the truly exciting one! There is evidence that GRATITUDE can change your mood, make you more likable, attract others to you, and even block feelings of anger and resentment! According to recent studies and research*, it CHANGES your brain chemistry! An Attitude of Gratitude is also linked to healthier lives, lower blood pressure, less anxiety, and strengthens the Immune system!

It is a fact that if you create a "Gratitude Notebook" and write five things that you are grateful for in it every day that after less than 21 days your mind shifts gears and starts to “look” for things to be grateful for! You can list things that are as small as a child smiling at you, or finding those reading glasses you’ve been looking for, to bigger things, like getting a raise, or being asked to that big party by the person you like!

This “attitude of gratitude” affects the brain chemistry overall that is responsible for helping us tackle

(yup, you guessed it!) CHANGE!

There are many tools that I can teach you to fit the ways that we can help get you back on track towards happiness, let’s talk about your situation and create a plan that works for you!

Mara Evans, CHT


*Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2003 Vol 84, No. 2 p277-389,

Psychiatry (Edgemont) Nov 2010 7(11) 18-22



The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous

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