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About Psychic Truth & Mara


My Grandmother taught me to “get out of the way” and let the DIVINE SPIRIT come through, as you are paying for that higher wisdom, not my opinion.

Truth can set you free when you are “stuck” and it allows you to see the REAL blocks; the chaos.  With the truth you can clear up the confusion in your life that is created from your trying to balance your life; all the complexity of love, work, spiritual world, friends and home in this fast-paced world.


I am not going to tell you fantasies, I am here as my life path calling:  to give YOU tools that will help you to grow, to open, and live a happier life!

I have grown up in the world of Psychics, and have studied many forms of religion and spirituality; I am a minister, forty years a hypnotherapist, a third-degree Wiccan, couple communication counselor, and an addiction coach.  I am just as comfortable in a church as I am in a circle in the woods.  I am open to and believe in all the many paths to God, all the many names for God.  I believe that spirituality is separate from Religion, for there are good people in all religions, and those who are lost as well. Our spiritual health can bring us a happy life no matter what belief system we were raised with.

I tune in as you speak, to the sound of your voice, as you tell me a bit about your situation, I can go very deep, get your answers quickly and in detail. 

The biggest bang for your buck, is to lead me to where the confusion lies, and then let me dive in.  I will need your first name, and sometimes your birth date, as it helps me to select the tools, if any, I may need for your reading. 

Tools:  I do not automatically grab for my Tarot decks, pendulum, or even my oracle cards, instead I open to what comes through intuitively. You can ask me to use tools if you have a preference. I have developed many of my “Psychic Abilities” and feel confident I can offer whatever you need for guidance.


So, come into my virtual parlour and have a cup of tea as we sort out whatever is heavy on your mind.

What skills I offer to you
  • Relationships of any kind.

  • Clairvoyant Divination.

  • Animal communication.

  • Finding lost items.

  • Remote Viewing.

  • Fourth Generation of Psychics, trained by my Grandmother.

  • 40+ years in training, studies, and exploration of these topics and in experience as a professional Psychic.

  • Experienced with Tarot, Pendulum, Oracle cards.

  • Paranormal Investigator and Medium.

  • Spiritual Advisor, minister, counselor.

  • Training, classes, and informative blogs.

  • One on one studies.

  • I will consider requests for fundraisers, or to support groups of positive action. Please email me with any questions at contact@psychictruthworks.com 



Auntie Mar is a blessing from the universe.  She has been a mentor and psychic reader for me for 10 years.  Her psychic readings help me to further my spiritual process and get my life back on track.  I consistently rely on her to be a friend, a mother, a sister, and a divine channel.  She is emphatic, full of love, and unafraid to show me my demons.  She has always helped me find the tools of self-empowerment to pull myself out of my ruts, and ground in my power. 


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